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 +====== Version 1.1.8980 (August 2019) ======
 +Learn what's new in the latest release of DGLux5.
 +Update to the [[http://​dglogik.com/​download/​dglux5-build|latest version]] of DGLux5 to experience these changes.
 +==== Changelog ====
 +^ August 2019 (version 1.1.8980)
 +|- Made location pin visible behind the map. |
 +|- Fixed issue when text “color” property doesn'​t respect binding inside state change. |
 +|- Fixed chart zoom values not being updated after first zoom. |
 +|- Removed Map out = {} from localize block. |
 +|- Improved coordinates for FlyTo ESRI map. |
 +|- Added localize block. |
 +|- Exposed the ability to position the ESRI Map controls. |
 +|- Added custom styling for ESRI map. Added mapStyleUrl and mapStyle properties to advanced PI. |
 +|- loadRemote - added new param enableCSRF: true to fix CSRF. |
 +|- Fixed chart item renderer RTE and data action RTE. |
 +|- Allow web component to store project in different folder. |
 +|- Add relativize button in symbol parameter editor. |
 +|- Parse bool enum value in load data block and query binding block. |
 +|- Fixed issue when selection in metrics panel does not get resized with metrics window. |
 +|- Fixed exportHTML error when creating screen capture. Fixed export of an iframe of the same origin. |
 +|- Menu button is hidden in project panel when project name is too long. |
 +|- Fixed inconsistently working Table Functions. |
 +|- Improved download a file with a REST call. Added StringLoader outputFormat parameter. |
 +|- Removed unused docParent var from page manager. |
 +|- Removed traces when editing symbol, fixed diff history when edit symbol in popup symbol editor, added some more comments. |
 +|- Fixed wrong position of '​Edit/​Preview'​ buttons in Chrome canary. |
 +|- Fixed bug in Firefox with Data Actions. |
 +|- Fixed feedbacks selection that was broken inside of the symbol. |
 +|- ESRI map improvements for 2D FlyTo. |
 +|- Deleted dataflow is now moved to a deleted folder. |