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 +====== Version 1.1.9012 (September 2019) ======
 +Learn what's new in the latest release of DGLux5.
 +Update to the [[http://​dglogik.com/​download/​dglux5-build|latest version]] of DGLux5 to experience these changes.
 +==== Changelog ====
 +^ September 2019 (version 1.1.9012)
 +|- Fixed issue when you try to add an image by "Click to Explore"​ in the Style Manager. |
 +|- Fixed a bug in the form file input when open trigger subscribed to some of its parent click event. |
 +|- Added showing range for numeric values in actions. |
 +|- Added "​negativeValuesMode"​ property to artifact plotting in a stacked chart. |
 +|- Don't allow invalid characters in the component name. |
 +|- Move project when user change component or vendor name. |
 +|- Fix for images that don't have the correct size. Use seamless image stretch by 2px only for hvac2 ducts and pipes. |
 +|- Added the ability to disable out-of-month selection in the Calendar widget. |
 +|- Fixed the Dataflow blue dot menu binding source and targets. They didn't work if the block'​s pin is bound to the table cell. |
 +|- Allow users to use the relativize button even when a base path not found. |
 +|- Fixed issue when a timer was waiting, it was also blocking other requests from initiating the payload sending. |
 +|- Wait longer to poll Niagara when there is an error. |
 +|- Dragging dataflow symbols from the library should also use its library path. |
 +|- Fixed the Project Assist navigation file issue. |
 +|- Recursively deleting the server Dataflow folder should also backup Dataflows in "​delete"​ folder. |
 +|- Added new parameter to hub block - "​ignoreNull"​. |