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 +====== Version 1.1.9198 (April 2020) ======
 +Learn what's new in the latest release of DGLux5.
 +Update to the [[http://​dglogik.com/​download/​dglux5-build|latest version]] of DGLux5 to experience these changes.
 +==== Changelog ====
 +^ April 2020 (version 1.1.9198)
 +|- Fixed issues with the Zip Download block. |
 +|- Resolved the Chrome image alignment issue. There is a new option on the image component, called "​extend1px",​ when that option is true, the image component size is 1px smaller without affecting the image'​s original size. |
 +|- Added a feature to edit shared properties for UI symbols. |
 +|- Added ReactJS widgets support in DGLux. |
 +|- Fixed bug in the Position and Size editor. |
 +|- Fixed the DataGrid rendering issue when the "​scrollToIndex"​ property set manually. |
 +|- Improved widget snapping: snapping between custom snapping points, added green snapping lines, added option to disable custom snapping points. |
 +|- Added drag and drop symbol replacing when dropped on top of each other. |
 +|- Fixed DG Time Input component: AM/PM dropdown list didn't work in Firefox. |
 +|- Fixed vertical scroll bar in 'User Management'​ dialog. |
 +|- Fixed '​Insert parameter after' for some Dataflow blocks. |
 +|- Fixed Dataflow blocks with multiple inputs don't update their output when one removes input pin. |
 +|- Improved "Auto size" button in PI to produce history. |
 +|- Modified Export PDF block to also save a PDF file to the project folder. |
 +|- Fixed the ESRI Map Group Component issue with Display property. |
 +|- Added an ability to reorder series in a node list. |
 +|- Fixed an image tiling bug with GIF files. |
 +|- PA2 core optimizations. |
 +|- Fixed PA / Niagara Schedules page to not move when trying to move an event. |
 +|- Fixed localization files were not loading from the right path. |
 +|- Fixed RTE when edit symbol property in Chrome 80 (JS only). |