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 +====== Google Docs Loader ======
 +{{:​dglux_v2_wiki:​widgets:​csv_loader_icon.png?​nolink |}} The CSV Loader is a component that allows you to bring in external data from a CSV source.
 +===== Workflows =====
 +The Standard Workflow for when using the CSV Loader is to first add the CSV file to the server (a process that can be completed via the File Management System). Once you've acquired a CSV Data source on your server, simply append the file path to the 'CSV Path' property of the widget. After you've defined the data source, you will now be able to use the CSV Table to bind to Repeaters, Filters, Charts, and much more.
 +===== Properties =====
 +^ Preview ^ Property ^ Description ^
 +| {{:​dglux_v2_wiki:​widgets:​data_category:​csv_loader.png?​nolink|}} | CSV Path | File Path to CSV File |
 +|:::| Update | Invoke to Refresh Table from CSV Data |
 +|:::| CSV Table | Output Table of Data parsed from CSV File |
 +|:::| Rows to Skip | Specify Number of Leading Rows to Skip |
 +|:::| CSV Table Index |  |
 +|:::| Auto Update Enabled | Toggle whether CSV Table should Automatically Update |
 +|:::| Auto Update Delay | Specify Update Delay in Milliseconds |
 +===== Demo =====
 +Sample Video of Widget in Use