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-====== Version 1415 (March 2019) ====== 
-Learn what's new in the latest release of DG Solution Builder. 
-==== ESRI Map Integration ==== 
-Leverage an additional map component into your software application. With over a dozen map types, 
-a 3D\\ view feature and incorporating map group, geoJSON or heatmap layers, ESRI map component simply 
-extends\\ your development requirements for your future projects. ​ 
-To implement an ESRI map in your project, simply: 
-  -  Right click on your project stage 
-  -  Select Insert 
-  -  Select Component 
-  -  Scroll to and select ESRI Map Group 
-Watch this video to see how you can [[http://​www.dglogik.com/​leverage-esri-maps|leverage ESRI Maps]] in your project. 
-==== User & Profile Management ==== 
-We have simplified the way administrators manage user privileges and user passwords; from Super User\\ rights to Designer Only access. We have also allowed users to customize their profile with access to username\\ modification,​ adding a profile photo or avatar and updating your password. ​ 
-Update to the [[http://​dglogik.com/​download/​dg-solution-builder-dsa|latest version]] of DG Solution Builder to experience this new feature. 
-==== Bug Fixes ==== 
-^ March 2019 (version 1415) fixed issues 
-| 176171 - Using "​."​ (dot) in table column names (or in table object) caused table to not show any data in that column ​  | 
-| 178615 - If a symbol contained a category-type chart and was used in a repeater, the symbol editor would not close when editing that symbol from inside the repeater | 
-| 179564 - When deleting frames from the frame animator, the animation stopped ​  | 
-| 187336 - When changing stroke width with multiple selection, the new stroke width wasn't saved into the default stroke | 
-| 187410 - Enabling zoom tool in a group broke function of its sibling group   | 
-| 188129 - Pan Preview was in the wrong position in its group after the stage was resized | 
-| 189069 - The snapping line to center justify two object was set to a fixed length ​  | 
-| 189265 - Custom fonts were not accepted for scale labels |