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 +====== Create a New Project ======
 +To create a new project:
 +  - <​WRAP>​[[dglux5_wiki:​installation:​niagaraax#​dglux5_users | Log in]] to DGLux5, and select **Project** > **New Project**.
 +The Welcome dialog opens.</​WRAP>​
 +  - Choose **Create New**.
 +  - <​WRAP>​Select a profile and [[dglux5_wiki:​workspace_and_workflow:​projects_and_files:​home#​use_project_templates|template]].
 +Which profiles and templates are available depends on your installation of DGLux5. ​
 +To use no template, choose the **Default** profile and the **Blank Project** template.</​WRAP>​
 +  - Click **Choose** in the bottom right corner of the Welcome dialog.
 +  - When prompted, enter a name for your project, and click **OK**.
 +  - Either double-click ''​index.dg5''​ in the Project panel to start designing your home page, or select **File** > **New File** to create a new ''​.dg5''​ file.
 +//Creating a new project in DGLux5//
 +<WRAP left>​[[dglux5_wiki:​workspace_and_workflow:​projects_and_files:​home|Previous:​ Projects and DG5 Files]]</​WRAP>​
 +<WRAP right>​[[dglux5_wiki:​workspace_and_workflow:​projects_and_files:​use_template|Next:​ Use a Template]]</​WRAP>​