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 +====== Add Other Files ======
 +To add files to be hosted in your project, drag and drop the files onto the browser window. ​
 +If you drop a file on a project directory in the [[dglux5_wiki:​workspace_and_workflow:​panels_and_menus:​project_panel|Project panel]], the file is added in that directory. Otherwise, if the file format is ''​.jpg'',​ ''​.jpeg'',​ ''​.png'',​ ''​.bmp'',​ ''​.gif'',​ or ''​.svg'',​ the file is added to the ''​assets''​ directory. Other dropped files are added to the project root.
 +If you drag and drop an image file onto the [[dglux5_wiki:​workspace_and_workflow:​panels_and_menus:​document_window|Document window]], an [[dglux5_wiki:​widgets_and_property_inspector:​components:​image:​home|image]] component is automatically created. The image component points to the uploaded file's URL.
 +You can also add files by clicking the **Upload** button in the Project panel.
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