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 +====== Save a File ======
 +Save your files frequently. A ''​.dg5''​ file is the same as a page.
 +To save a file:
 +  - If you have multiple files open, make sure the file is selected in the tabs above the [[dglux5_wiki:​workspace_and_workflow:​panels_and_menus:​document_window|Document window]].
 +  - <​WRAP>​In the menu bar, select **File** > **Save File**.
 +//Saving a file in DGLux5//
 +<WRAP left>​[[dglux5_wiki:​getting_started:​create_page|Previous:​ Create a Simple Page]]</​WRAP>​
 +<WRAP right>​[[dglux5_wiki:​getting_started:​preview_project|Next:​ Preview a Project]]</​WRAP>​