Update DG Solution Builder

This page covers how to update DG Solution Builder.

To check your DG Solution Builder revision, choose Help > About.

Update DG Solution Builder with DSA

Follow steps below to update your DSA environment to the latest major revision of DG Solution Builder.

1. Pre-requirements

  • You have a server with DSA and DG Solution Builder installed.
  • Make sure you have admin access to DG Solution Builder under "dgSuper" or any other user with "superuser" privileges.

Make a copy of all the DG Solution Builder projects on this server. Use menu item "Project" → "Export / Import" → "Export Current Project" to export them one by one. Another option is to make a copy of <server_root>/files/proj folder to any folder on the server outside the server folder. You're going to need ssh or ftp access to the server for that.

Make a copy of the <server_root>/dslinks folder to backup all the DSLinks and their settings.

Automatically Update to latest Major Revision

  • In DSA, under sys, invoke Update All Components.

Manually Update to latest Major Revision

Update DG Solution Builder

  1. Open http://www.dglogik.com/download (must be logged in under dglogik.com account).
  2. Go to "DG Solution Builder Build".
  3. Click "Download".
  4. On your server open the following URL: http(s)://<server_name:port>/update.html
  5. Select file you downloaded.
  6. Click "Upload".

Update DSA Server

  1. Open "Data" tab on your server.
  2. Right click on "sys" → "Update" → "Server from Repository" → "Invoke".
  3. Wait for the server to update until you see "Success" and this icon
  4. Restart server. Right click on "sys" → "Restart Server".

Now you're on the latest versions of "DSA + DG Solution Builder".