Using This Wiki

You can use this wiki to install DG Solution Builder, to learn how to use the software, and as a reference.

This page gives some tips and tricks for using this wiki effectively.

Where to Start

If you are installing or updating DG Solution Builder, go here.

If you want to start learning the full functionality of DG Solution Builder, you can start with Workspace and Workflow. You can also skip to hands-on learning at Get Started.

Wiki Contents

On wide displays, a left sidebar contains a navigation tree that lets you navigate to wiki pages.

On narrow displays, click or touch Sidebar to see the navigation tree.


The currently open wiki page is highlighted in yellow.

Page Contents

No matter where you are in a page, to use the table of contents:

  1. Click or touch the icon at the top right corner.

    The table of contents lists first-level headings in the page. If you have navigated to a lower-level heading on the page, the table of contents also includes the current section and its siblings.

  2. Click or touch a section to navigate to it.

Return to Top

To return to the top of the current page:

  • Click or touch the icon at the bottom right corner of the page.

Expandable Content

To view hidden content:

  • Click or touch an expandable wiki section.

    Before expanding

    After expanding

Image Size

You can click most screen captures to enlarge the image or open the image file in the browser.

A Note about DG Solution Builder Themes

Depending on the DG Solution Builder theme that you have chosen, images and icons on this wiki might differ slightly from what appears in the software. Most images of icons on this wiki use the DG Solution Builder Light theme. Most screen captures on this wiki use the DG Solution Builder Dark theme.