DGLux Technology

The DGLux line of products and dashboard technologies are aimed at filling the necessity for intelligent data visualization solutions within the building automation and energy management space. Through providing a simple to use WYSIWYG editor to enable the integrator and end user to create and save custom views and dashboards for their real-time and historic data, while retaining the capability for ad-hoc analysis of the same data, DGLux is flexible enough to accommodate all data visualization needs.

DGLux Architecture

Designed utilizing a 2-tier architecture approach (client-side user interface, and mid-level data abstraction layer), DGLux products can easily be installed on and adapted to various automation control systems and integrated with a number of standard protocols such as BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, SNMP and others.

Client-Side User Interface

The DGLux user interface is a rich Internet application (RIA) developed utilizing Adobe Flex Builder, a highly productive framework for building and maintaining web applications that deploy across all major browsers, desktops, mobile devices and operating systems.

Mid-level Data Abstraction Layer

A state-of-the-art data abstraction layer which enables communication between a server-side data platform and the client-side visualization processes.

DGLux Key Benefits

DGLux products are unique in their ability to provide a consistent user experience across disparate automation systems through seamless integration with various data sources and the ability to visualize and relate information from potentially unrelated data acquisition implementations. Some of the key benefits and differentiators to the DGLux product line are:

Single and unified environment to create, edit and analyze data views

Consisting of 2 modes (Design and View) DGLux enables the user to fully customize their views and perform complex analysis on their data within minutes.

External Content Loading

In addition to a library of charts, gauges, indicators, and point lists, DGLux is capable of displaying external content such as web-pages, videos, PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, custom graphics pages, etc., within a single view surrounded by native widgets.

Kiosk Mode

Cycles through all available widgets in loaded views enabling campus-wide energy awareness and sustainability campaigns.

User Management

Fully configurable user credentials for individuals or groups to gain access to only their relevant data and views. Set permissions for users to only view and interact with pre-configured dashboards, or give them the ability to create and modify new and existing views.

Touch-screen compatible

All end-user interaction is in the form of simple gestures such as drag-and-drop, click, click-and-hold and double-click which makes the DGLux interface fully functional on a touch-screen implementation.

DGLux Mission

The DGLux mission is to make all facility stakeholders more effective in analyzing various performance metrics and identifying building system inefficiencies at a glance. DGLux products enable facility personnel to take immediate action to improve building operations and, in real time, see the impact of their actions on overall facility resources. With the ability to organize a sea of data into meaningful information, the DGLux user has the power to optimize their building’s performance in turn significantly influencing resource consumption and expenditures.