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 ===== Recover a DG5 File ===== ===== Recover a DG5 File =====
 +==== What is DG5 File Recovery? ====
 +While working on a project in DGLux5 a file would be saved automatically without choosing **Save** menu item. If the file crashes or a complex design has to be reverted, you can access an auto-saved copy of the ''​.dg5''​ file.
 +==== How does DG5 File Recovery work? ====
 +There are some limitations on how ''​.dg5''​ files are automatically saved:
 +  * Recovery version only works for an active dashboard.
 +  * File is saved only when a user doesn'​t do any changes within 10 seconds interval.
 +  * Saved copy is stored in the browser'​s local storage. Local storage size and availability depends on the browser and user settings we can't control. There is no guarantee that available space in local storage is enough to save the entire dg5 file.
 +  * Recovery doesn'​t revert your last changes and doesn'​t save history. To revert changes on active dashboard use **Undo** command.
 +There won't be a history of the file. Hence, you can't revert to a particular version of a file.
 To recover an old version of a ''​.dg5''​ file: To recover an old version of a ''​.dg5''​ file:
   - <​WRAP>​In the Main Menu, select **File** > **Recover**,​ and select the version you want to open.   - <​WRAP>​In the Main Menu, select **File** > **Recover**,​ and select the version you want to open.