Configure Custom Logo for Login Page and Designer

Here are the steps on how to set up a custom logo for DGLux.

  1. Download latest DGLux version here:
  2. Try automatic update first:
    1. Data tab → right click /sysUpdateServer from Repository (if after update version is below 1185, go to the next step for manual update).
  3. Update server:
    1. Data tab → right click /sysUpdateServer from ZIP (use archive from step #2).
  4. Update DGLux: HelpUpdate.
  5. Put your logo image into this folder <server_root>/www/oem-login/images (this step is required if you’re using file, not the external URL to the image later).
  6. Add/update the customLogo parameter to the server.json file. There are 2 options:
    1. Path like this: "customLogo": "../../oem-login/images/logo.png" – path here points to the same folder from the previous step.
  7. Restart server.

You should see your logo on the login page and in the designer.