Create a Device Template

A device template is a dynamic, graphical panel that represents certain devices. Each instance of the panel shows information for a particular device.

To create a device template:

  1. Click Build or Manage Dashboards.

  2. In the Project Tree, click the gray or white button next to a device node.

    An editing environment opens.


    This workspace has three layers: Layout, Equipment, and Widgets. If you use the tabs when you place items, it becomes easier to select and edit items later on. By default, expanding certain groups at the bottom of the screen selects certain tabs. For example, expanding the Ducts group selects the Layout tab.

  3. Drag and drop duct pieces from the collection at the bottom of the screen.

    Combine pieces to create a device shape.

    Tips for laying out a device

    • Some duct pieces can stretch. To stretch a piece, drag its edges.
    • To delete a piece, right-click it and select Delete.
    • Use the Shrink to Fit option in the lower right corner of the screen to make the graphic size fit the workspace.
    • Use the Snapping option to make pieces snap to one another.
  4. Drag and drop the appropriate equipment pieces from the collection at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Associate data with equipment pieces as appropriate:
    • To associate data with a piece of equipment, click Binding Tree and drag the relevant device point onto the equipment.

      Some graphics animate depending on the bound points. For example, a fan graphic will animate if the boolean point bound to it is TRUE.

  6. Add widgets to the page as described in Add a Widget.

  7. To save your work, click Exit, and then Save & Close.

Data Actions

Instances of a device template can be used for data actions. To interact with data, click a widget or equipment piece and use the Actions menu.

Before assigning a value

After assigning a value


If you try to select an item in your device template and can't select it, make sure you have the correct layer selected. To change layers, use the Layout, Equipment, and Widgets tabs at the top of the workspace.