This page describes how to submit feedback and get support for DGLux5.

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Search for answers and post new questions in the DGLogik Community Forum.

Submit Feedback

Submit feature requests, bug reports, and questions to the DGLux5 team:

  1. Within DGLux5, select Help > Submit Feedback.

  2. Choose Bug, Feature Request, or Question. Enter your e-mail address, a subject, and description.


To help the DGLux5 team efficiently address a bug report, please include the steps to reproduce the problem, the result you expected, and the unexpected result that happened.

Submitting feedback automatically sends the current .dg5 file. Before submitting feedback, save the file, and make sure that any tables contain data values, as opposed to bindings to data on your server. To unbind and save table data, first save a new copy of the .dg5 file, and then follow the steps in How do I unbind and save the data that is currently held by my table? If your project is publicly available on the Internet, you can give the DGLux5 team permission to view your project, or to access it within DGLux5, by including a username, password, and viewer link in your description.

Video Tutorial: Submit Feedback

More video tutorials are here.


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