Enter and Edit Values

You can enter and edit text and values in panels and pop-ups in a few different ways.

Toggle Switches and Buttons

To use a toggle switch or button, click the toggle switch or button to enable or disable it.

Disabled toggle

Enabled toggle

The leftmost button is enabled.

Numeric Fields

To enter a value in a numeric field:

  1. Click the field.
  2. Type in a value.
  3. Press Enter or Return.

    Entering text in a numeric field

To quickly change a numeric value by using the scrubby slider feature:

  1. Click the field.
  2. Drag up or right to increase the value. Drag down or left to decrease the value.

    Dragging upward to increase the value using the scrubby slider

Single-Line and Multi-Line Text Fields

To enter a value in a text field:

  1. Click the field so that the cursor appears in the desired location.
  2. Type a value in the text field, and press Enter or Return.

Some text fields accept multi-line text. In a multi-line field, you can:

  • Press Alt + Enter to start a new line

  • Click Edit in Window to open a pop-up for editing text.

  • Drag the resize handle to resize the text field within the panel.

To use a drop-down list, do one of the following:

  • Click the drop-down list and select an option.
  • Click the drop-down list and then press the up and down keys.

Some lists are editable. In an editable list, you can also click the list and then start typing a value.

Reset a Property

To reset a property to its default:

  1. Hover over the property until a blue dot appears.

  2. Click the blue dot and select Reset.


If the property is already set to its default, the blue dot is empty. If the property is anything other than the default, the blue dot is filled in.