Navigation Builder

The Navigation Builder tool allows you to create and configure predefined links for the end-user including dashboards, documents, or websites. A Navigation Tree is created which is only visible to the user from View Mode.

The Navigation Building is accessed via the portrait icon located at the top right of the Application Frame. The Navigation Building allows you to drag-and-drop nodes from your file structure, and adds them to your Navigation Tree. Alternatively, you can click 'New Node' to create a node from scratch. You can create a sub-node structure by dropping an item onto an existing element in the tree. To do this, grab the desired item from your file tree and drag it over the Navigation Tree. Hover over an existing element until it blinks, then drop the item. A Red Line will always show where you are about to drop the item. Any item in the tree can be deleted by selecting it and pressing 'Delete Item'. In the Properties Section of the Navigation Builder you can edit the label, path, and icon for any node as well as toggling 'Load at Startup' and 'Open in New Browser Tab'. To perform any of these tasks, simply highlight the desired item from the Navigation Tree and edit its parameters in the properties section. When you are finished creating or editing your navigation structure, remember to hit 'Save'. The Navigation Builder is closed just like any other view, simply by closing the tab.

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