List Node

Block Group: Data Services
Block Icon: List Node block icon

The List Node block returns metadata about a node and its children. This block is intended for use in DGLux5 with DSA.

For information on using dataflow blocks, see Dataflow.

Input/Output Properties

These properties can take input and give output.

  • path (string)
  • mode (enum or string)
  • resolveActions (boolean)

path specifies the absolute location of the node to get metadata for. Drag the relevant node from the Data panel to this field.

mode determines which children of this node are listed. The value of the mode property can be one of the following:

  • all—All children are listed.
  • points—Only nodes representing data points are listed.
  • actions—Only nodes representing actions are listed.
  • nodes—Only nodes that are not points or actions are listed.

resolveActions determines whether to create an output table describing available actions for this node's children. By default, this property is disabled.

Output Properties

These properties of the List Node block can give output but cannot take input.

  • name (string)
  • children (table)
  • metadata (table)
  • actions (table)
  • error (string)

name returns the name of the node.

children returns a table that lists the children of the node.

metadata returns a table that lists metadata about the node.

actions returns a table describing the actions that can be taken on the node, such as setting its value. Each row of this table contains a nested table that lists the parameters of the action. To view a nested table, see How do I view the data in nested tables?

error returns the error message, if any.


The following image shows, clockwise from top left:

  • A List Node block
  • The metadata table for this node
  • The children table for this node

List Node dataflow model