Number Formatting

Number Formatting blocks perform formatting operations on numbers.

The following are accepted and excluded arguments for Number Formatting blocks:

  • Numbers, logical values, and numbers represented as strings are accepted.
  • Error values, and text that cannot be resolved to numbers, cause a NaN error result to be returned.
BlockIcon Description
Absolute Absolute block icon Returns the absolute value of a number
Bound Bound block icon Returns the value of a number within the defined minimum and maximum
Round Round block icon Rounds a number using a specified precision
Round Up Round Up block icon Rounds a number up using the specified precision
Round Down Round Down block icon Rounds a number down using the specified precision
Gradient Mapping Gradient Mapping block icon Correlates a number range to a color gradient and returns an output color that corresponds to an input number
Format Number Format Number block icon Returns a number or string based on defined formatting criteria
Parse Number Parse Number block icon Returns a number parsed out of a string

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