Statistical Functions

The Statistical Functions blocks calculate statistical functions on a list of input values. See also: How to Add and Remove Input/Output Properties.

The following are accepted and excluded arguments for Statistical Functions blocks:

  • Values of the input n property can be numbers, arrays, or references that contain numbers.
  • Numbers, logical values, and numbers represented as strings are included in calculations.
  • Input values are ignored if they are error values, null, or text that cannot be parsed as a number.
  • Input values of zero are included in calculations.
Block Icon Description
Average Average block icon Returns the mean of its arguments
Maximum Maximum block icon Returns the greatest value in a list of arguments
Median Median block icon Returns the median of its arguments
Minimum Minimum block icon Returns the smallest value in a list of arguments
Mode Mode block icon Returns the most common value in a list of arguments
Standard Deviation Standard Deviation block icon Calculates standard deviation based on a list of arguments
Variance Variance block icon Calculates the statistical variance of a list of arguments

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