Block Group: Variables
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The Table block holds values as a set of records.

For information on using dataflow blocks, see Dataflow.

See also: Table Operations dataflow blocks, Working with Tables.

Input/Output Properties

These properties of the Table block can take input and give output.

  • data (table)
  • save (trigger)

data sets and returns the table held by this Table block.

save removes any binding to the data property. When a binding is deleted by invoking save, data currently in the table does not change, even if that data was determined by a binding. See How do I unbind and save the data that is currently held by my table?

How to Manually Edit Values in a Table Block

You can use the following methods to manually edit values in a Table block:

  • To edit the contents of a cell, double-click the cell.
  • To add a row, click Add Row.
  • To add a column, click Add Column.
  • To delete one or more consecutive rows or columns, select the rows or columns, right-click them, and choose Delete.
  • To add one or more rows or columns, select the same number of rows or columns as the number that you want to add. Then, right-click the selected rows or columns, and choose one of the following:
    • Add Row(s) Above
    • Add Row(s) Below
    • Add Column(s) to the Left
    • Add Column(s) to the Right.


The following image demonstrates a binding from a Table block to the Table property of a data grid.

Table dataflow model