Add Device Nodes

Each device in your Project Tree is tied to a dynamic graphic called a device template. Make sure that similar devices share the same template.

To add devices to your project, either follow the steps in this video, or follow the steps below.

Create a New Device Template

To create a new device template node and also add some device nodes associated with it:

  1. Click Organize or Manage Navigation.

  2. In the Navigation Builder, select the Template tab, and drag the New Template node onto the Project Tree.

    A Template Node dialog appears.

    You can specify a name and an icon to appear in the Project Tree and in navigation menu. If you don't specify an icon, a default icon is used.

  3. Under Device Selection, select some devices to use this template.

  4. To specify which device’s points are used for the template, click the key icon for that device.
  5. Click Add.

    The device nodes appear in the Project Tree.

  6. In the Project Tree, drag device nodes to change their order and nesting.
  7. Right-click each device node to edit it.

The template you created is represented by a new node in the Navigation Builder. You can drag this node to the Project Tree later to add more devices that use the same template.

Add Devices Using an Existing Template

To add device nodes using an existing template node, follow the steps above, except:

  • Instead of the New Template node, drag the relevant template node from the Navigation Builder to the Project Tree.
  • Make sure the correct template name is selected in the Name menu.