Add Module Nodes

Use the Navigation Builder to add pre-built modules to your project. Available modules include:

To add a module to the Project Tree, either follow the steps in this video, or follow these steps:

  1. Click Organize or Manage Navigation.

  2. In the Navigation Builder, select the Module tab.
  3. Drag a module node into the Project Tree on the left.

    A Node Editor dialog opens.

  4. If you want, provide details in the Node Editor dialog:
    • You can specify an icon to represent this node. If you don't specify an icon, a default icon for the module type is used.
    • If this is a schedule, alarm, or generic module, you can specify whether the module appears as a popup panel or a page.
    • If this is a schedule module, you can change the locale and the path to the schedule.
    • If this is an alarm module, you can select whether alarms are rolled up on opening the module. The user can also select whether alarms are rolled up.
    • If this is a Generic node, see Add a Generic Node.
  5. If you want, drag nodes in the Project Tree to change their order and nesting.
  6. If you want, right-click each module node to edit its name, icon, and other details.