Add a Generic Node

If you want your project to include a page that you created in DGLux5 without using Project Assist, use the Navigation Builder to add a generic node.

  1. Make sure the .dg5 file is in your Project Assist project. You can import it from another DGLux5 project, as explained here.
  2. Click Organize or Manage Navigation.

  3. In the Navigation Builder, select the Module tab, and drag the Generic Node to the Project Tree.

    A Node Editor dialog appears.

  4. For Page, specify the .dg5 file name. This field works like the path for a Page Include.
  5. If you want, specify the data path to associate with this node.

    This is useful if this page is used more than once for different data paths.

  6. If you want, enter a name and upload an icon to represent this node in the Project Tree and navigation menus.
  7. Drag the node if you want to change its order and nesting in the Project Tree.
  8. Right-click the node if you want to edit it.