Manage Layers

Layers are an essential aspect of Project Assist zones and widgets.

To create a color-coded layer composed of zones:

  1. Click Build or Manage Dashboards.

  2. In the Project Tree, click Layer Manager.

    The Layer Manager dialog opens.

  3. Select a layer.

    If you already created zones, select the layer that holds the zones.

  4. In the right panel, for each device template, choose the point to map to this layer.

    A drop-down menu is available for each device template that you have added to this project.

    For the Temperature Layer, for the VAV template, the Room_Temp point is selected.

  5. If you want, edit the minimum and maximum of the range.
  6. If you want, edit the color gradient. Click on the gradient to open a Fill dialog. In the dialog:
    • Click below the track to add colors.
    • Right-click a color to delete it.
    • Drag colors to move them.

      Editing gradient colors in the Fill dialog

A layer showing real-time room temperature data