Bind to a Zone

You can use zones:

  • To create layers that show real-time data as colors
  • To create navigation using clickable areas that open other pages and panels

To achieve either effect, you must bind a Project Tree node to the zone.

  1. Click Build or Manage Dashboards.

  2. In the Project Tree, click the gray or white button next to a location node.


    White buttons indicate that a page or pop-up exists, and gray buttons indicate that you haven't created one yet.

    The location page editor opens.

  3. Select the Zones tab, and click Binding Tree.

    A Project Tree dialog appears.

  4. Use the tabs to select the layer group for which to show zones.

  5. In the Project Tree dialog, choose the node that you want to bind to the zone, and drag it onto the zone.

    To check the binding, choose the Select tool and then mouse over the zone. A tooltip displays information about the bound node.

  6. To close the binding tree dialog, choose a tool other than the Link tool.
  7. At any time, you can click the Widgets tab and then click Submit to save your changes to this page.