Snapping helps you precisely place components, widgets, shapes, and paths.

When snapping is enabled:

  • Guidelines appear when the item that you are dragging is aligned to other items.
  • When dragging items, it is easier to place them in aligned positions.

You can disable snapping if it prevents you from placing items where you want them.

Snapping to Components

Snapping to components helps you place components in relationship to one another.

To enable or disable snapping to components:

  • Choose View > Snapping > Snapping to Components

Placing an image using snapping to components

Snapping to Vertexes

Snapping to vertexes helps you precisely place paths. It works for paths created with the Path tool and the Polyline tool.

To use snapping to vertexes:

  1. Enable View > Snapping > Snapping to Vertexes.
  2. Create two paths using the Path tool.
  3. Change to the Path Selection tool.
  4. Drag a point from one of the paths. The point will snap to other points in both paths.

Editing a path using snapping to vertexes

Snapping in Dataflow

Snapping in the dataflow helps you place dataflow blocks.

To enable or disable snapping in the dataflow:

  • Choose View > Snapping > Snapping in Dataflow

Arranging dataflow blocks using snapping