Property Inspector

The Properties panel, or Property Inspector, allows you to edit the properties of elements in your DGLux5 project. By default, it is located at the top right corner of the DGLux5 workspace.

The Property Inspector displays properties for the element that is currently selected in the Document window and Outline.

In the Property Inspector, properties are organized into groups. You can expand or collapse a group by clicking its header.

Two groups of properties are expanded.

Some groups of properties are available for all components, and others are available only for certain component types. A reference of properties in the Property Inspector is here.

In addition, collapsible sub-sections contain properties that are less often used. You can click Expand or Collapse to show or hide these properties.

The sub-section of the scrolling properties group is displayed.


If you select multiple elements, the properties panel shows the properties that are available to all of them. This allows you to edit the common properties simultaneously.