Properties Reference

This is a reference to properties for graphical elements in your DGLux5 application. Every component, widget, or shape in DGLux5 has several groups of properties associated with it. You can access these properties in the Property Inspector.

In addition to graphical elements, dataflow elements and actions also have properties. For information on dataflow properties, see Dataflow Blocks Reference. For information on action properties, see Actions.

Properties control appearance and behavior. Several types of properties include the following examples:

  • Numerical – For example, the duration of the element's animation.
  • Boolean – For example, whether the element has scrolling enabled.
  • Text – For example, the path of an image asset.
  • Enum – Enum properties let you select from a set of options. For example, you can choose which of a set of cursors is displayed when mousing over the element.
  • Events – Event properties automatically fire when something happens. For example, an On Ended event fires when a video component finishes playing. These properties can't be edited, but they can be bound to triggers.
  • Triggers – Triggers cause events to happen. You can bind events to triggers to cause a chain of events. For example, you can bind On Ended to the trigger that shows a callout. For more about bindings, see Bindings.

For shortcuts and other information about interacting with panels like the Property Inspector, see Panels and Menus.

This is a detailed reference to the general properties that apply to many component and shape types:

This is a detailed reference to the properties associated with each component type: