Browser API

Browser API blocks.

Block Icon Description
JSONP Loader JNSONP Loader block icon Retrieves JSONP data from the specified URL
Geo-Location Geo-Location block icon Retrieves the user’s latitude and longitude
Device Orientation Device Orientation block icon Returns the DeviceOrientationEvent alpha, beta, and gamma of the device, if available
Device Motion Device Motion block icon Returns the current DeviceMotionEvent acceleration, acceleration including gravity, and rotation of the device, if available
Web Document Web Document block icon Sends and retrieves a variety of information to and from the browser, including device information, header title, and search and hash strings
Local Storage Local Storage block icon Allows your project to store information in the user’s browser, over multiple sessions and browser windows
Blob URL no icon Creates a temporary URL that holds a binary object or string
IFrame Message IFrame Message block icon Allows messages to be passed between an IFrame and its parent
Export HTML Export HTML block icon Exports the current .dg5 file as HTML
Get View Property Get View Property block icon Retrieves the HTML5 view property for a specified DGLux5 component
JavaScript JavaScript block icon Enables loading and running JavaScript and accessing JavaScript and HTML APIs
Close Warning Dialog no icon Causes a warning dialog to be displayed when the user tries to close this page

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