Project Info

Block Group: Data Services
Icon:Project Info block icon

Returns information about the current user's session and the current project.

For information on using dataflow blocks, see Dataflow.

Output Properties

These properties can give output. They cannot take input.

  • projectId (string)
  • projectName (string)
  • user (string)
  • superUser (boolean)
  • description (string or multi-line text)
  • version (string)
  • isDesigner (boolean)

projectId returns the automatically generated unique ID of this DGLux5 project.

projectName returns this DGLux5 project's name.

user returns the currently logged in user for this session.

superUser returns whether the currently logged in user is a Super User.

description returns your description of this project. Add a description by selecting Project > Project Properties.

version returns the version number you have given to this project. Add a version number by selecting Project > Project Properties.

isDesigner returns whether the project is currently open in Edit mode.

  • TRUE: The project is open in Edit mode.
  • FALSE: The project is open in Preview mode or the Viewer.


This is a basic use of the block.

Dataflow Model Description
Project Info dataflow modelData about the project and user is collected. Because the project was given a description and version in Project > Project Properties, those properties are displayed in the Project Info block.