Block Group: Logic
Icon:Script block icon

Holds a custom script.

For information on using dataflow blocks, see Dataflow.

Input/Output Properties

These properties can take input and give output.

  • invoke (trigger)
  • autoRun (boolean)
  • script (string or multi-line text)
  • a–z

invoke causes the script to run.

autoRun specifies whether the script runs automatically.

  • TRUE: The script runs every time the script is changed, and every time any property is changed. This includes the first time that the script is initialized.
  • FALSE: The script runs only when the invoke property is triggered.

script specifies the instance of DGScript held by this block. See Scripting and Syntax for more information about creating a script.

a–z set or return the values of properties that you can use in your script as needed.

Output Properties

These properties can give output. They cannot take input.

  • output (string)
  • print (string)

output returns the output of your script.

print returns a string that is used for errors, other notifications, and debugging.


These are basic uses of the block.

Dataflow Model Description
Script dataflow modelThis script uses a function from the DGLux5 script reference to convert a base 10 number to base 16.
Script dataflow modelThis script converts the first input string to all uppercase letters and the second input string to all lowercase letters. It concatenates them with a middle string that includes a space and some punctuation.

Use Case