Project Directories

Your DGLux5 project contains directories. You can add and manage directories in the Project panel.

By default, every project contains the assets, lib, and palette directories. These are core project folders and cannot be deleted by the user.


We recommend that you keep all external assets in this directory, such as images, video, audio, and CSV files.

When you drag an image file from your computer's file system to the DGLux5 Document window, it is uploaded to assets by default.


The lib folder contains libraries of widgets that are available to the project but originate in a different project. Items in the lib folder also appear in the widget palette and favorites.

You can import a widget library from any project into your lib folder, as long as your user account has access to the project.

Video Tutorial: Adding and Removing Libraries

More video tutorials are here.


The palette folder stores widgets that originate in the current project and can be imported by other projects. Items in the palette folder also appear in the widget palette.