Favorites Pop-Ups

Favorites pop-ups let you save and access your favorite property configurations. They exist for the Fill and Stroke, Effects, Text, and Image property groups.

Favorites are accessible to all pages in this project. You can also access favorites that were saved in any .dg5 files that are in your lib directory.

Open a Favorites Pop-Up

To open a Favorites pop-up, click the Favorites icon in at the top of the property group in the Property Inspector.

Save a Favorite

To save a component's properties as a favorite, select the component and then click Add.

A thumbnail appears in the pop-up, representing the component's properties for this property group.

Apply a Favorite

To apply a favorite to a component, select the component and then double-click the thumbnail.

Before double-clicking

After double-clicking

Use Favorites from Other Projects

To use the favorites from other projects, use the drop-down menu in the Favorites pop-up.

The projects must be in your lib directory.

Remove a Favorite

To remove a favorite from the pop-up, click the thumbnail and then click Delete.